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Where are you located?
We are located at 1815 Flower Street, Glendale, CA. 91201

What is your contact number?
We can be reached by calling 818-500-8718 or 800-432-1856.

Is your manufacturing done at your own facility or is it outsourced?
Our manufacturing is done at our Federally and State licensed facility in Glendale, CA.

How long until my order ships?
Orders typically ship in 1 to 2 days after placing them, unless it's placed on a Friday afternoon. Orders placed on Fridays will generally ship on the following Monday, unless there is a holiday.

How long will it take for my order to be received?
We usually ask to allow for 5 - 7 business days for your order to be received. There are many instances where your order will be received before then.

What is your cost for shipping?
Shipping cost for domestic orders is a flat rate of $7.00.

What carrier do you use for shipping?
We use both UPS and USPS for shipping.

Will I receive tracking information from my order?
Yes but the tracking information will come from the carrier we use and not from us personally. Please don't disregard emails received from UPS or USPS after ordering.

Do you ship internationally?
We do ship internationally but since we do not have international pick up, orders ship only once a week, typically on Wednesdays. Orders placed on Wednesdays won't ship until the following Wednesday.

What is your cost for international shipping?
International shipping can vary but weight under 4lbs is a flat rate of $18.00. If your order is above 4lbs, we will contact you with the cost.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?
If you own a clinic or store, are an LMT or another health care service provider, we do offer wholesale pricing. Feel free to either email us with your information so we can contact you and set up your account or call at 800-432-1856 to speak with us directly. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started right away."